Maxime Mouchet

I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher at the LIP6 laboratory at Sorbonne UniversitĂ©, and I’m affiliated with the LINCS laboratory. Previously I was a PhD student in computer science at IMT Atlantique, from which I also obtained an engineering degree (diplĂ´me d’ingĂ©nieur) in 2017. I write code on GitHub.


EdgeNet: Building a Testbed as a Global Kubernetes Cluster
B. Ĺženel, M. Mouchet, J. Cappos, O. Fourmaux, T. Friedman, and R. McGeer
CNERT 2021

Shared internet-scale measurement platforms
B. Ĺženel, M. Mouchet, J. Cappos, O. Fourmaux, T. Friedman, and R. McGeer

Large-Scale Characterization and Segmentation of Internet Path Delays with Infinite HMMs
M. Mouchet, T. Chonavel, S. Vaton, E. Aben, and J. Den Hertog
IEEE Access

Scalable Monitoring Heuristics for Improving Network Latency
M. Mouchet, M. Randall, M. Ségneré, I. Amigo, P. Belzarena, O. Brun, B. Prabhu, and S. Vaton
NOMS 2020

Poster Abstract: A flexible infinite HMM model for accurate characterization and segmentation of RTT timeseries
M. Mouchet, T. Chonavel, and S. Vaton

Statistical Characterization of Round-Trip Times with Nonparametric Hidden Markov Models
M. Mouchet, T. Chonavel, and S. Vaton
AnNet 2019

Joint minimization of monitoring cost and delay in overlay networks: Optimal policies with a markovian approach
S. Vaton, O. Brun, M. Mouchet, P. Belzarena, I. Amigo, B. Prabhu, and T. Chonavel
Journal of Network and Systems Management

Optimisation conjointe de la métrologie active et du routage : une approche markovienne
M. Mouchet, S. Vaton, O. Brun, P. Belzarena, I. Amigo, and B. Prabhu
CoRes 2018


Integrate Julia and Javascript using Node.js extensions • JuliaCon 2020
July 2020. Online.

Statistical models for RTTs • Neutral Interconnect Days 2019
September 2019. The Hague, Netherlands.

Learning network states from RTT measurements • RIPE 77
October 2018. Amsterdam, Netherlands.