Maxime Mouchet

I’m currently a PhD student in computer science at IMT Atlantique, from which I also obtained an engineering degree (diplôme d’ingénieur) in 2017.
My résumé is on LinkedIn and I write code on GitHub.

Publications and talks

My profile on Google Scholar.

Mouchet, Maxime, Thierry Chonavel, and Sandrine Vaton. 2018. “Learning network states from RTT measurements,” RIPE 77,.

———. 2019. “Statistical Characterization of Round-Trip Times with Nonparametric Hidden Markov Models.” Accepted at AnNet 2019.

Mouchet, Maxime, Sandrine Vaton, Olivier Brun, Pablo Belzarena, Isabel Amigo, and Balakrishna Prabhu. 2018. “Optimisation conjointe de la métrologie active et du routage : une approche markovienne.” In Rencontres Francophones sur la Conception de Protocoles, l’Évaluation de Performance et l’Expérimentation des Réseaux de Communication. Roscoff, France.

Vaton, Sandrine, Olivier Brun, Maxime Mouchet, Pablo Belzarena, Isabel Amigo, Balakrishna J. Prabhu, and Thierry Chonavel. 2018. “Joint Minimization of Monitoring Cost and Delay in Overlay Networks: Optimal Policies with a Markovian Approach.” Journal of Network and Systems Management.